Find details of EGTG’s upcoming auditions.

We hold open auditions for all our productions, and typically put on four a year. Details of current casting calls will be displayed on this page.

There is no need to register for an audition slot, and you will not be required to read off book.

November 2019

Script read through Wednesday 26th June, 7:00pm.
Auditions Wednesday 14th, 7:00pm and Sunday 17th July, 2:00pm all at 18 Buccluech Place.

Performances week of 11th November 2019.

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

Captain John Yossarian is a U.S. Army bombardier and the last Assyrian alive, and he would very much like to keep it that way. Convinced that an entire army is trying to kill him, Yossarian desperately tries to evade battle (and the increasing demands of his superior Colonel Cathcart), but finds that there is always a catch.

Meanwhile, the unit’s long-suffering Chaplain has found himself inadvertently caught up in a strange war of his own. And everyone is trying to locate the mysterious Washington Irving.

Cast of characters

Doc DaneekaMajor Major
Sergeant TowserLuciana
Ex-P.F.C. WintergreenMilo Minderbinder
Nurse DuckettEnglish Intern
Doctors (2)Patient
Patient’s FatherPatient’s Mother
Patient’s BrotherColonel Cathcart
Lieutenant Colonel KornCaptain Black
Nately’s FatherNately’s Mother
Nately’s WhoreOld Woman
Old ManMcWatt
Mrs. DaneekaDaneeka’s Mother-in-Law
C.I.D. ManFirst Investigating Officer
Second Investigating OfficerAarfy
M.P.’s (2)Snowden

Auditions and rehearsals will be held at 18 Buccleuch Place, 1st floor in the Graduate Association offices. You only need to attend one audition session.
If you cannot make either of the audition dates and wish to audition, please contact us prior to the auditions to arrange another time. We will see people on ad hoc dates on an as needed basis prior to the last audition date. Audition times after the 17th July will be arranged only if we are unable to cast the production based upon those we have seen at the conclusion of the announced audition dates.

Rehearsals will begin in late August/early September and will continue three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights. The rehearsal schedule will be developed to accommodate any unavailability listed on the audition forms.

All cast members are required to be members of EGTG for insurance purposes. The fees are £25 and cover the first show in which the member takes part. If you are already a member and have not yet taken part in a show this year, there is no additional membership cost for participating in this production. If you are a member and have already taken part in an EGTG show in 2019, there will be a show fee of £25 for this production.