Reckless by Craig Lucas
Performances December 6th – December 9th inclusive, Assembly Roxy beginning at 7:30pm

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Or is it?

Rachel certainly used to think so. At least she did until her husband Tom confessed on Christmas Eve that it isn’t Santa Claus she hears breaking in but a hitman he’s hired to kill her.

So she better run.

And run she does, plunging herself into a labyrinth of murder, embezzlement, faked disabilities, game shows and a never-ending stream of psychiatrists. In the end, will Rachel survive this pitch black comedy by Craig Lucas? And more importantly will her love of Christmas?

A seasonal production from EGTG, the second of 2017 directed by David Grimes (Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolfe, August: Osage County and Titus Andronicus). Grimes, who is well known for mounting challenging, thoughtful and often dark productions, quipped that this was his “year of comedy” after the successful sell-out run of The Ladykillers earlier this year. In Reckless he has reunited in part his stellar production team from the Ealing Comedy; EGTG stalwart Wendy Mathison and newcomer Stewart Kerr, whose performance in The Ladykillers was a “masterclass in comic timing”, are joined by a cast of EGTG regulars, including Kerri Roland as Rachel, and some of the best young and emerging talent working in the city today.

Craig Lucas’ Reckless has oft been likened to falling down a festive rabbit hole, and Grimes’ in the round staging will give audiences a front row seat to the bedlam of this black comedy. An immersive theatrical experience with elves, carols and snow: Reckless will be the first gift of your Christmas.

Cast list:

Rachel                                                                                   Kerri Roland
Tom                                                                                       Sam Bruton
Lloyd                                                                                     Stewart Kerr
Pooty                                                                                     Helen Goldie
Trish                                                                                      Hannah Fitzpatrick
Rebecca / News Announcer 1 / Radio Announcer    Alma Forsyth
First, Third and Fifth Doctor                                                  Wendy Brindle
Second, Fourth and Sixth Doctor / Woman Patient              Wendy Mathison
Game Show Announcer / Derelict 2                                     Andrew Hally
Tim Timko / Derelict 1                                                          Gordon Houston
Talk Show Host / News Announcer 2                                   Sean Johnston
Sue / Receptionist                                                                Angela Harkness-Robertson
Man in Ski Mask / Tom Jr.                                                    James Scott
News Announcer 3                                                               Celia Castresana 

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