EGTG in 2023

With the rapturous applause of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol still ringing in our ears, we turn our attention to next year as we are thrilled to announce the shows and directors taking to the stage for EGTG in 2023. 

We are delighted to welcome back Ross Hope (JerusalemAll About My Mother) to the director’s chair in the spring, with a production of Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen. A wonderfully intellectual script for two men and one woman. 

Why did Heisenberg go to Copenhagen? Two European physicists meet in the city during World War 2. ‘Copenhagen’ explores what might have been said between them, against the background of the race to build a nuclear weapon and the effect this will have on the end of the war, and the effect on the world ever since.

In the Festival Fringe, we’re pleased to present a piece of new writing from our very own cmfwood (skirtrock). Directed by Claire herself, crackers is a topical look at the stigma attached to mental ill-health; for eleven actors. 

Will is a high-flying GP. When a patient informs him that her son took his own life following an appointment with Will, his world starts to crumble. His wife Mhairi continues to campaign for better treatment of mental ill-health from the NHS. Their teenage daughter Lyra has a secret of her own. When Will’s best friend turns up out of the blue, secrets come out with the saké and things will never be the same again.

Our second Fringe show is still to be announced, with news hopefully coming the new year. 

Finally in the autumn, Hannah Bradley Croall (The Ram in the ThicketCatch-22) presents a post-apocalyptic dialogue for two women in Chalk by Walt McGough. 

Maggie survived the end of the world, and has enough supplies to last. But now her daughter has come home, and something’s wrong. Two women square off, kept apart only by their pasts and a protective chalk circle, hastily drawn on the floor.

Before all that though, we will be participating in the SCDA One Act Festival with our production of Tunnel Vision by Sheila Hodgson, directed by Claire Morand.

A huge thanks to everyone who came out to audition, and we’re delighted to share the cast for this thrilling one act. 

Peter Leyland : Trevor Lord
Angie Leyland : Serena Park
Susan Leyland : Nicola Alexander
Brian Medway : James Scott
Liz : Poppy Goad

Claire will also be joined by a talented team back stage, including Eirini Stamkou as Assistant Director; Lois Adams as Stage Manager; Wendy McEwan as costume designer, and Anais Provost and Alastair Smith as Set Designers.

We look forward to seeing all their efforts at the Festival in February. 

It’s shaping up to be another entertaining year and we can’t wait to see all three of these productions next year. Details for how to audition and grab your tickets will be shared in the new year via our newsletter, website, and social media. 

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