Fringe 2021 Update

— Updated 11 April —

This is the time of the year when we would normally be announcing auditions for the 2021 Festival Fringe. Unfortunately that is not the case and we have made the decision to postpone our planned productions once again, with the intention of bringing both The Merchant of Venice and Bloody Wimmin to the stage in 2022. 

The timeline proposed by the Scottish Government does not allow for us to meet and rehearse inside Buccleuch Place as we would and so we have taken the difficult decision to stage no physical productions in August this year. We are hoping however that we can participate in a digital fashion and would like to hear from anyone who is interested in staging a virtual production. 

— Update 11 April —

We received quite a bit of interest about this year’s Festival Fringe. The EGTG Committee has met and further developed the plan and we’re ready to announce that the productions we will be presenting for the Fringe this year — will be chosen by you! 

Our virtual table-reads over the past year have been a real bright spot for many of us, so we are taking that format and using it to allow you to select the play/s we will produce at this year’s Fringe. We want to use this year to showcase some of the new writing from EGTG members, as well as an opportunity to gain valuable feedback from seasoned performers. 

If you have written a script or monologue that would be suitable for digital performance please send it to the EGTG committee before Monday 3rd May. The committee will then select a shortlist of scripts to be read by the membership at a virtual table-read in June, before selecting one or two (or more!) to present as a digital performance in August. 

The script should be suitable for rehearsal and performance via a digital platform (Zoom, YouTube or other); and last no longer than 50 minutes. We would also consider monologues to present either alone or as part of a series depending on interest. 

Send your scripts and any questions to the EGTG committee via email
Deadline Monday 3rd May.

If you have an interest in performing, directing, or producing a show for a digital Fringe presentation, please get in touch in the first instance. 

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