R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots)
by Karel Čapek (courtesy of eBooks@Adelaide)

Wed 21 Apr, 19:30 via Zoom 

“The best sort of worker is the cheapest worker. The one that has the least needs.”

On an island off the coast of Europe, Rossum’s Universal Robots produce the ideal artificial workers: strong, tireless, without desire or emotion. But what will come of humanity when its labour is no longer needed? And are the “robots” as soulless as their creators think? Can there be redemption from the apocalypse of technology run amok?

An international hit on its debut in 1921, Čapek’s play is surprisingly relevant to today’s world of instability, greed and global technology companies. Disruptive technology, exploitation, revolution, love – R.U.R. has it all.

Join us on Wednesday 21 April to read a 2006 adaptation of Čapek’s Sci-Fi thriller, courtesy of eBooks@Adelaide. The script will be shared on screen as before for everyone to read along, but you can pre-download the PDF below with other formats for e-readers available from the Internet Archive.

Spaces for the virtual table-read will be limited so please be sure to register online before 6pm on Wednesday 21 April to ensure your spot.
Register via Eventbrite here.

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