The Satyricon

The Satyricon
a dramatisation of Gaius Petronius’ classical text by Martin Foreman

Tues 18 May, 19:30 via Zoom 

Encolpius, Ascyltos and Giton are three penniless young men footloose in the Roman Empire. With narrator Gaius Petronius as their guide and a cantankerous group of Actors bringing to life the people they encounter, the trio find themselves at the heart of adventures of seduction, deception, love, thievery, violence and more.

Step back into the past while keeping one foot in the present as you enter this comedy of words and action. Be prepared for a picaresque tale that is funny and thought-provoking, uncomfortable and tragic, satiric and satyric. View sexual relations from the Roman perspective – and view the Roman perspective from today. Remind yourself that actors have a life beyond the stage and that some lives never end. All this and more in the farcical, fast, funny, filthy and philosophical play that is The Satyricon.

May’s EGTG virtual table-read is Martin Foreman’s dramatisation of the classic Latin text The Satyricon.

Warning: very strong language throughout and frequent sexual (p)references!

Martin suggests you look at the play before booking a ticket to see what you’re letting yourself in for – but if you just want to dive in on the day, that’s fine. Script available as a PDF below.

Spaces for the virtual table-read will be limited so please be sure to register online before 6pm on Wednesday 21 April to ensure your spot.
Register via Eventbrite here.

The Satyricon a dramatisation by Martin Foreman

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